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Skill Warm-Up:
Skill Set- Handstand Push-Ups 5 x 3- Full Range of Motion
Handstand Negatives 5 x 3- Lowering Yourself to Ground Slowly and then coming off the floor
Handstand Holds 12 x 5 seconds Holds- No More than 5 seconds
All our skill sets for Holds will be under 5 seconds, as there is 6 to 8 times of our bodyweight of pressure being applied to our joints..

Met-Con WOD: AMRAP-15 Minutes of:
Power Cleans x 3
then 2 Rounds of:
5 Pull-Ups/ 10 Push-Ups/ 15 Jumping Squats

Men-155 lbs/ Women-95 lbs

“Breathing During Lifting”
We have all been told during our lifting days, to take a deep breath in during our descent or push, and then breath out during our ascent or final push. What I am going to tell you now is that is a complete falsehood. Breathing is critical for increasing and maintaining the intergrity of the torso while under substantial loads. We have been told to draw in our abs and breath out during our finish, but this is completely backwards. We need to create a broad base for our torso and contract our abdominal muscle to support the kind of compressive and rotational forces we intend to lift during our workouts. By filling our lungs with air and tightening our abdomnial muscles we greatly reduce the pressure and allow the abdomen to expand and allowing us to contract our diaphgagm. At some points during this exercise, we might become dizzy or disoriented and the athlete may let a little air out by hissing or slowly releasing air up their trachea and out of their external extremities. Basically, we want to make a habit of always releasing a minimal amount of air during the recovery of our weight lifting movements. Perform this regiment and you will see positive gains in your weightlifting and max efforts.