Monostructural WOD:
5k Run

Why a 5K WOD?

This could be the questions you are asking yourself or possibly asking myself? Is CrossFit not supposed to be high intensity, functional training and looks down upon aerobic training as a useless training regiment that keeps you stagnant in your physical ability? Well, yes CrossFit does believe in high intensity, functional training, but they also believe that we must be balanced athletes in our approach to fitness. Hitting a 5k WOD or 2k Row at variable times is a good way to measure yourself against the theory that CrossFit still prepares you for these types of workouts. If you question the concentration on running a 5K WOD, then why do we not question

ourselves when we perform a strength day or concentrate solely on olympic lifting for a day. CrossFit is a Revolution that states concentrating on all TEN ASPECTS OF FITNESS is vital to elite fitness to reach your achievements as a CrossFitter and also as an athlete. Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Accuracy, Balance, Coordination, and Agility are the laws that we live by in CrossFit. CrossFit in all of their workout regiments hit these ten aspects of fitness. As CrossFitters we are different from other physical regiments because we keep an open mind to anything and everything. That is why we perform 5k WOD’s, Handstand Push-Ups, Muscle-Ups, Interval Sprints, Box Jumps, Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, the Snatch, Press Movements, Squat Movements, and so on… We are diverse and have a brutal mentality of trying whatever comes our way.. That is what makes us different and overall the Elite Fitness of the World in Physical Training!!!

VAGABOND NEWS: I am currently down in Berlin, Connecticut at a gymnastics certification at CrossFit USA… I will be back Monday afternoon and Hope to see everyone then… Also, I signed the lease to the new space of Vagabond CrossFit and the expected date for the Grand Opening will be in the first week of December. Tell your friends and family we will be holding a free workout weekend for all newcomers to try CrossFit and to change their lives for the better.. This will only work, if the Vagabond Community works together and really makes a push to see Vagabond grow in the future…