Faces of Determination!!

This week marks the beginnings of our new strength program, as we finished up on our 2 month strength program working towards our 1 rep max in 8 movements that were hand selected by myself and also Coach Mike Burgener… Over the final weeks of Fall and the coming months of Winter, we will be taking a slice of the CrossFit Strength Bias and mixing it in with the Max Effort Black Box by concentrating on the deadlift, press movements, and squat movements. However, we will still hit our olympic lift movements, but those will be concentrated on one day as the workout for that specific day, to really pay attention to detail and technique. I am excited about the coming months and cannot wait to see results, as we saw crazy PR’S during our last strength program. The theory here is to switch up every few months and not keep it stagnant. We want to be diverse and hit every movement. This is the basis of CrossFit, to perform movements at constantly varied times with high intensity, and this can go the same for strength programs. We want to be dissecting our technique and critiquing our movements, this is how we better ourselves as athletes, but also CrossFitters. This is what makes us different from everyone else, we are athletes who want to excel at every aspect of fitness, not just a couple.

Warm-Up: Review Deadlift Movement
9 Fundamentals x 9 for each movement

Strength Endurance WOD: 1×20 Deadlift
Use a weight that you will be close to failure at the 15 rep and on.. Low Rep schemes are great for quick high intensity and hitting that phosphagen metabolic engine, but we also want to use high reps to keep us honest with ourselves and hit the strength endurance part of our program…

Rest 5:00 mins after Strength Endurance WOD then do the following as Skill Development:
10 Minutes of the following:
Handstand Holds x totaling 5 Minutes
Ring Holds x totaling 5 Minutes
then 5 Minutes of Jump Roping- We really want to hit our stride with our double under work- We are going to use single unders, single leg jump rope, and so on to build up to Double Unders