In the Shadows we Prevail at Vagabond CrossFit!!


750 m Row

then 7-8 minutes of Dynamic Mobility Stretching

Lunge Stretch with Twist

Spiderman Lunge

Seated Posterior

PVC Dislocates

Kipping on Bar

I have begun to read Greg Everett’s “Olympic Weightlifting: Complete Guide for Coaches and Athletes”, and seem not to be able to put it down. The material is by far the best stuff on Olympic Lifting and most helpful. The information is endless and it really opens your eyes to some gnarly information. We have been doing a good amount of mobility work in the Vagabond Garage, but have picked up some news ideas and have implemented a new Flexibility Program into our arsenal. Three days a week, we will concentrate on flexibility for our warm-up and really begin to see some dramatic results. As I stated before, we must be warmed up before we begin to stretch and there is nothing better than getting a nice paced row in before our stretching. Stretching or Mobility is useless if our muscles are not properly warmed up and ready for action.

VAGABOND UPDATES: The garage will be open from 8 am to noon on Saturday… I have to go to Brockton to check out possibly our new location for Vagabond CrossFit!!!!

Vagabond WOD: AMRAP for 20 Minutes of:

Hang Squat Cleans x 12

Push-Ups x 15

Men-95 lbs/Women-65 lbs