3 Rounds at your own pace of the following:

Samson Stretch x 10(5 each leg)

Sit-Ups x 15

Push Jerk(45 lbs) x 7

Strength WOD: Back Squat 2-2-1-1-1

Met-Con WOD:

Due the following of:

Row 500 m

Rest 1:00 min

Run 1 Mile

Rest 2:00 min

Burpees x 50

What is the Experience at a CrossFit Level 1 Certification?:

This is the question I have been getting from a few of the Vagabonds and also how did the Ross like the weekend. My first answer is to ask Ross and see what he says. However, I believe I can answer most of it for him in a few short words. The information and knowledge you recieve during that weekend at a Level 1 Cert is invaulable and priceless. You are learning from the best minds in CrossFit and they give you a great overview into the 9 Fundamentals of CrossFit. Not only do you receive a wealth of knowledge, but you meet a great fan base of CrossFit and everyone is looking for the same thing you are looking for; To be a better crossfitter, but also to understand why we teach these movements. Yours eyes are open and really begin to understand why these movements are so important to functional training and also to your everyday physical activities. I cannot vouch enough for taking the plunge and attending one of these certifications. Also, not only can you attend the Level 1 Cert, but there are other speciality certs that concentrate on areas such as gymnastics, mobility and recovery, olympic lifting, running and endurance, rowing, and so on…