Myself and Jon Gilson of Again Faster

Ross and one of the Top CrossFitters in the World, Chris Spealler

Ross in the midst of “Fran”

Great Weekend and Great Networking was the story down at Ross’ Level 1 Cert. Ross really took to the class time and really got alot out of his 3 day stay in New Jersey. I believe it was an eye opener for Ross and how important it is to really understand what you are teaching. Overall it was a great experience and some great knowledge was handed out from the CrossFit HQ Trainers. Also, I received some great information and got to pick the minds of every trainer and Gregg, the owner of Guerilla Fitness. These events truly show the great side of CrossFit and the Community it is building around the world…

Vagabond WOD

Clean and Jerk: 2-2-1-1 -1

Rest 5:00 mins and complete the following:
5 Rounds for time of:
Pull-Ups x 15
Sumo Dead High Pull x 21