Below is the feature Vagabond Athlete of the Week: His Name is James and has been with the Vagabond Community for the last four months. In that time, he has lost nearly 30 lbs and has gained immense athletic ability. Only through his dedication and hard work, has he reached his goals. Just about a month and a half ago, he finished the Falmouth Road Race, which is a hilly 7 mile course. When, he walked through the doors, he could barely run one mile. Congrats James on your accomplishment and Keep Working Hard!! The bottom picture is the before and the top picture is the after….

Warm-Up: Complete at your own pace…
Double Unders x 25/Single Unders x50
DB Swings x 15(lightweight)
Double Unders x 20/Single Under x 40
DB Swings x 10
Double Unders x 15/Single Unders x 30
DB Swings x 5

Strength WOD: Back Squat

“Horrible 30”
Complete As Fast As Humanely Possible:
Back Squat x 30 @ 60% of 3 Rep Max
Star Jumps x 30
Box Jumps x 30
Jumping Pull-ups x 30

DB Swings x 30- Men-55 lbs/ Women-25-35 lbs
Row x 30 Calories

After Workout complete the following Mobility Stretches for Total of 5 Minutes:
Cobra Stretch, Hamstrung Belt Stretch, Twisties, Quad Killers- Rotate Every 30 seconds..