No Mountains in Eastern Massachusetts, No Problem, Use a Gas Mask for Elevation Training!!

Warm-Up: Complete at Own Pace:
400 m Run then 3 Rounds of the following:
Push Press x 10(45 lbs)
Ring Dips x 5
Squats x 10

Met-Con WOD:
5 Rounds of: Do each Round for 3 Minutes with the goal of getting As Many Rounds As Possible… After each Round Rest 1 Minute…
Push Press x 3(135 lbs)
Ring Dips x 6
Squats x

Developmental Mobility After WOD:
Pigeon Hold, Cobra Stretch, Hamstrung Stretch, Squat Mobility…

The Importance of Stretching and Mobility after a Workout: by Kevin O’Malley

Let’s face it, as athletes, human beings, competitors, and CrossFitters we do not stretch or try to mobilize our body enough to prepare our “sacred temple” for the grueling workouts that we as CrossFitters endure on a daily basis. Everyone’s flexibility can increase and for God Sake’s its one of the ten aspect of fitness, so why not try to better to yourself in this aspect of fitness. Flexibility is in the category of Endurance, Stamina, and Strength, in which, you can only improve these aspects by training, in the sense, that you will perform an activity designed to enhance performance through measurably organic changes in the body, meaning, you must train your body to become more flexible. No doubt, as CrossFitters, we our more flexible than the average human being and possibly more flexible than most athletes, but there is always room for improvement. Through gymnastic movements, olympic lifting, powerlifting, and so on, we train our body to become more flexible. However, do we really take care of our bodies after a brutal workout like “Diane” or “Fran”. I see most and I am at fault in some cases, of after brutal workouts like these Met-Con disasters, I just want to lay on the ground for the next hour. People do not realize how important it is to stretch and mobilize your body after such workouts. The common misconception is to stretch before your workout. Stretching before a workout is less ideal and does not prepare you very well to perform actual work during your workout. Ideally, you want to stretch right after a workout and give your hammies, quads, and glutes some loving for five minutes after some killer workouts. Now, the big question is when should I stretch if not before a workout? THE ANSWER IS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!! Stretch when your at work and sitting at the computer, do it when your watching your kids, do it when your watching television. The more active you are on your hamstrings, glutes, and quads, the more productive you will be as an athlete. The most effective kind of stretching is called CONTRACT/RELAX. By using contract/relax stretching, you are basically trying to reset the resting length of your muscle. The basic template for this type of stretching is from Kelly Starret of CrossFit San Francisco. Your basic goal is to hold that straight leg or 90 degree bent knee for a 5 second contraction, then you relax. You then start again, by extending that muscle little further, it should feel almost like the muscle is ripping out of your skin, this is GOOD!!! I am going to end this speal, from a quote from Kelly Starret that sums up our lack of mobility, ” Despite the fact that flexibility is one of the ten CrossFit pillars of complete, well balanced fitness, increasing flexibility potential remians the ungreased squeaky wheel of most athletes training programming.”