Skill Warm-Up: Mobility Stretches, HAM Stretches, HIM Stretches,

Row Challenge: 1000 m Row Challenge- All Out Effort

Met-Con WOD: “Griff”
2 Rounds for Time of:
Run 800 m
Run 400 m Backwards

VAGABOND SHOUT-OUT: Would like to congratulate Mr. Runey, who is up above, by PR’ing by 20 lbs on his Overhead Squat. He showed true determination during his strength WOD, and really dialed in on his form. On the fourth set, he failed on the third attempt, but it was not the weight. The bar fell in front of the overhead position and he dropped his head. After he failed, I sometimes will scale back the weight about 5 lbs, to dial in on form, but I could see that he really wanted to go for it again. I gave him a little pep talk and told him to fix his form, by driving his shoulders and traps up and keeping his head looking straight forward, with concentrating on an object in front of him. He went for his last set, and banged out the 3 reps. He really impressed me and made me proud to have him in the Vagabond Community!! Great Job Kev..~

VAGABOND UPDATES: If you look to your right, you will see a new link called Travel WOD’S, courtesy of CrossFit New England. This is for the person who is on the road, or if you cannot make it into the gym… There are dozens are workouts for you to perform, so now you have no excuses, not to be CrossFitting all the time, even when your busy.. You can Find Some Time to Perform These Workouts….