Skill Warm-Up:
4 Rounds at Moderate Pace:
Clean and Snatch Grip High Pulls x 10
Abmat Sit-Ups x 10

Over the last few months we have been practicing the Snatch and Clean Movements inside the garage. The Vagabonds technique and form have been improving, but there has been something missing with our training. I had the pleasure of contacting Coach B and he gave me some good insight into training the pull of each of these movements. Also, I have been researching Bill Starr, who was a coach for the 68′ Olympic Team in Mexico City. We have to activate our traps and create a greater force with the pull of the movement. So, I have implemented a training method of practicing the pull movement with high pull movements with the snatch and clean grip. This will allow us to really activate the traps and shoulders and teach us to pull the bar at a greater speed, but also with better form and technique. Also, as Coach B says, strength is great, but the speed of the bar is just as important and really getting under the bar at the finish of the movement is vital. The goal of the Snatch movement is to pull yourself under that bar and good things will happen…


Do the Following For Time:

Tire Pull x 100 m

50 DB Snatches(25 each arm)

Tire Pull x 100 m

50 DB Power Cleans

Tire Pull x 100 m

50 DB Front Squats