Skill Warm-Up: Dynamic Stretches, Mobility Drills, and Agility Ladder

Functional Strengh Training Met-Con:
Three 1 Minute Movements for 3 Rounds:
Shuttle Run-20m(10m back and forth)/Sledgehammer/DB Swings/Jumping Pull-Ups/Box Jumps: Rest 1 Minute and Repeat for Three Rounds

VAGABOND NOTES: On the sledgehammer swings, switch to every side for each rep… So, your first swing would be with your strong arm, say that would be your right arm, then for the next swing, switch to your weak side, which we would say would be your left arm… This balances out the work being perform, and hits both sides of your body. The sledgehammer swing, is great for grip strength and providing that extra power needed during a workout….

VAGABOND FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Over the next week, I have decided, we are going to concentrate on performing various functional training methods that will be incoporated into our workouts.. We will be using the likes of sledgehammer training, tire pulls, tire flips, sandbag training, and etc… These are great ways to build our strength and to hit another aspect of strongman fitness… It will only benefit our grip strength for the olympic lifts and give us the stamina and endurance to last during other Metabolic Conditioning Workouts… I have dubbed this next week as “The Functional Hell Week”… Enjoy!!!