Skill Warm-Up: Handstand Holds x 3 max holds

Met-Con WOD: Due the Following for time:
Row 1000 m
Tabata DB Swings
Row 1000 m
Tabata Box Jumps
Row 1000 m
Tabata SDHP

VAGABOND NEWS: The garage will be open from 8 am to noon…. Come on By!!!

My Own Thoughts: On the below picture, I have a picture of the Converse All Star and a title that says “What CrossFitters Should be CrossFitting in!!” The reason I say this because Converse are the ideal shoe to CrossFit in because they are not bulky like running shoes and are pretty identical to powerlifting shoes. They are light and have a low center of gravity, meaning they are close to the ground and give you ideal settings for lifting or running. If you do not have the money to pay for pricey powerlifting shoes, then Converse are the next best thing. Also, they are good for running because they are not like modern running shoes, were they set you up for bad running technique and the inevitable motion of heel striking. Engineers made running shoes for people who were having shin splints, knees problems, back problems, ITB Syndrome, and many more causes of heel striking, toe striking, and knee diving during running. They thought, if they made a bulky running shoe, they would give the avid runner a better support for improper running. Ideally, to correct running form, the person should barefoot run, but many people do not find this achieveable and for good reason, YOUR FEET WOULD GET RIPPED APART!! However, when you wear Converse All Stars, there is no support of bulky footwear to protect you from improper run technique. If you heel strike or toe strike, you are going to feel it when you are wearing the Converse!! In the beginning, it might be painful, but in the long run, your shins, knees, and back will thank you for the short beating your lower body will take with Converse and overall with good coaching in POSE RUNNING, your simple injuries will vanish!! Also, other good footwear to perform in, is DC SHOES and Vibram Five Fingers!! Check out these footwear online and purchase some, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED AND YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU!!

The Converse All-Star, what CrossFitters should be CrossFitting in…!!