Preparation for Met-Con WOD:

3 Rounds of the following:

Deadlift at 50% of Bodyweight: 10 reps

Air Squats: 20 reps

Push-Ups:20 reps


5 Rounds for Time of the following:

Tire Pull: 100 m

Sprint Back: 100 m

Deadlift:10 Reps

Med Ball Squats: 20 Reps

Mountain Climbers: 30 Reps

Deadlift Weight: Men-225 lbs Women: 135 lbs

VAGABOND NEWS: I would like to welcome back, Marie, who has been missing from Vagabond Garage for the last two weeks, due to her busy schedule. She crushed the WOD today and showed no signs of fatigue or lack of dedication.

MORE VAGABOND NEWS: I have been itching to get some tires for sled drags and speed training.. So I went to the local mechanic shop and asked if they had any extra tires lying around.. To our good fortune, they let me grab some tires and gave me the inspiration to make a killer WOD for the Vagabonds using these great tools.. Tire pulls are great for speed training and they will be utilized in various workouts in the future… Get Ready Vagabonds and Rest Up!!

Great Post from Mark Lee, CrossFit Cape Cod, about the lame excuse people have about working out.. The classic answer from most people, who say they cannot work out… ” I do not have enough time..” Well Mark Lee puts it in great words about the number of hours we have in a week and how he breaks down this scenario… A MUST READ!!


If you feel like you are too busy, perhaps this will help…

168 is the number of hours in a week. Each and every week, month after month and year after year, you have 168 hours before you. How will you spend your time? Some things are inevitable – you gotta’ sleep, and hopefully about 56-60 of your hours each week are spent doing just that because your body needs its rest. If you work, manage a home, or both, that’s gonna’ add up to at least 45-50 hours. Add the two and you still have 62 hours left. Okay, let’s throw in 25 hours for errands and miscellaneous this and that and guess what? You’re still left with 37 hours! Do you see where I’m going with this? The number one reason people say they don’t exercise is that they “don’t have the time.” Oh really? We all have 168 hours in a week and why is it that some people have time to exercise and others don’t? It’s because their fitness and health are a priority and they use the time. And as an added bonus all the other hours of the week experience elevated quality-even the ones spent sleeping. Let’s face it. We do have a choice when it comes to how we spend most of our 168 hours. So, what’s it gonna’ be today? This week? This month? Will you get the best out of each 168 hour week this year? With our help you can make sure of it…