Max Effort Black Box WOD: Total Body Strength Day:
Power Cleans- 5-5-5-3-3-3
We will be starting our new strength routine on Monday, by following the Max Effort Black Box routine, which many successful CrossFitters and CrossFit Affiliates follow for their program.. It is a strength basis regiment that strictly follows a three day schedule throughout the week. For the first four weeks we will concentrate on three movements that I feel is vital to the Vagabonds performance and overall athletic ability. Every month we will switch the movements and follow the same pattern throughout the month. For the first month we will follow the movements of the power clean, back squat, and shoulder press. Each movement hits the standards of total body, lower body, and upper body, which all athletes have to work on to enhance their athletic ability throughout their CrossFit training. With the help of Michael Rutherford from Kansas City, I believe this will be the best program for the Vagabonds to follow to reach their goals and hit their PR’S in all their lifts…

For Time Do the Following:
4 Rounds for Time of:
5 Man Makers
400 m Run
I left a video of how to perform the Man Maker…