Warm-Up: 1000 m Row

Strength WOD: Push-Ups Max x 3

Met-Con WOD:
7 Rounds for Time of:
10 DB Push Press
15 Wall Balls
20 Modified Abmat Sit-Ups
25 GM

RACE UPDATE: As many of you know, I participated in a marathon last night in Wakefield, Ma. It was very successful and shows you do not have to run 60 miles a week to endure the brutal marathon… I followed a schedule of CrossFit 6 times a week, and CrossFit Endurance two times a week. I finished the race at around three hours and thirty five minutes… I was not the fastest at the race, but I believe I well could have been the most efficient with Pose Running and had no injuries.. Next time, I will shooting for the three hour and fifteen mark, to try and qualify for the Boston Marathon.. It was a great event, and had a great time with my brother and sister-in-law who are here from Ireland… I look at this race as a success, and believe CrossFit prepared me very well with limited running and practice.. Also, I believe I perhaps was the most well rounded athlete, who could perform oly lifts, to gymastic movements, which makes me happy because this is what CrossFit is all about.. To be well rounded in all aspects of fitness, not just one principle… If you are not going to be the winner of the race or an elite athlete, you mind as well be the most balanced and be the most capable at all ten aspects of fitness..