Skill Challenge: Max Rep Push-Ups in 2 Minute Period

Strength WOD: Rest Day

Met-Con WOD:

AMRAP-20 Minutes of:

3 Hang Power Clean

5 Push Press

7 Front Squat

Men-95 lbs

Women- 55-65 lbs

The Vagabonds killed their workout today and are ready to move onto the “Barbell Hell” WOD for Thursday. I am glad to see the progress everyone is making in their physical ability and everything seems to be just clicking right. Also, it seems everyone is starting to see the results of their Paleo Challenge that I implemented about 20 days ago. For example, Melissa came up to me and showed me her old pants. She was basically falling out of them, as her waist size has shrunk by an astonishing few inches in such a short time period. Once again, I cannot stress the importance of nutrition and the well being it brings to the Vagabonds life.

OUTSIDE NEWS: Our dear old friend, Matt Gillis, is up visiting from South Carolina and had a great time out for the night with our old best friend. It was a great reunion and a great gathering for some of the Vagabonds. I left a video of two of our future Vagabonds, dueling with eachother to show supreme supremacy among the toddlers. Great Video and Great Time!!

VAGABOND NEWBIE: I would like to welcome Jerard to the Vagabond Community. This newly found Vagabond ran by our garage everyday and I was amazed at how fast he ran and tried for two months to get him to do a workout. He finally broke and has been killing the workouts the last two days. He is an amazing runner and the first Vagabond to be put on CrossFit Endurance as an elite runner. I cannot wait to see the results and see some some serious PR’s along the way. One quick note at how fast this man really is at running. Plain and Simple, he runs a 4:37 mile.. Enough Said!!

Riley and Noah showing their future intensity in the Vagabond Death Match held in Ross’ living room.