HURRICANE SIGHTING: “FRAN” was seen ten miles southeast of Whitman, as it destoys everything in its path. Get Ready Vagabonds, she is brutal!!

Skill Warm-Up: Jump Rope Basics- Teach the single under and double under- Move the rope with your wrist, not your arms…

Skill Day: Coach B Warm-up + Snatch Progressions

Met-Con WOD:
3 Rounds for time of: 21-15-9

Thrusters will be at the percentage of what your 1 rep max is of thrusters and where your power and work out put will be most efficient…

VAGABOND UPDATE: Yes, we will be testing the waters with the dreaded “Fran” workout. This will be the first run in with “Fran” for the Vagabonds and it is fitting before July Fourth. I cannot wait to see the results and see how far we have come with our new program that was implemented a few weeks ago through catalyst athletics. The Vagabonds will have a goal met where they want to stay under 8 minutes for their “Frab” times through the use of calculating their most efficient weight through power and work output. So Vagabonds rest up and get ready for some fun on Thursday. Good Luck and Great Job Vagabonds!!

Vagabond Newbie Update: I would like to welcome Marie and her two younger children to Vagabond CrossFit. Marie comes from an extensive background of elite fitness. She has partcipated in marathons and served in our nation’s military. I would like to welcome her family to the Vagabond Community. She has taken off with her first few workouts and has shown some great physical ability over the last few days. Welcome to the Family!!

Shane push pressing 235 lbs with great form and technique. This guys has come a long way, and has the stress of getting hitched in less than two months. Great job Shane and Keep up the Good Work

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