Skill Warm-Up Plank Holds- 3x 90 seconds, Spider-man Push-Ups, Duck Walk

Strength WOD:

Push Press Max 1-1-1 or Push Press- 5×4 @ 75%

Met-Con WOD:

Due the Following for Time:

30 Good Mornings

400 m Run

25 Good Mornings

400 m Run

20 Good Mornings

400 m Run

15 Good Mornings

400 m Run

10 Good Mornings

400 m Run

We will be hitting a nice met-con that will be a great practice for our Pose Running, but also for strengthening our glutes and hams with the good mornings movement. This will be a great workout for the Vagabonds, and will be a gasser for all. Everyone is making huge strides in their performance and they are really coming along with their movements. Through repetition and mental memory, all these movements will click with practice and determination. Great Job Vagabonds and Keep up the Good Work!!

Nutrition Update: Fourth of July is right around the corner and that means we will be straying away from our diet and eating non-paleo foods. I still think we can enjoy the Fourth of July by eating a paleo way of lifestyle. If you have any ideas or recipes to give to the Vagabonds, then share them on the comments page or nutrition blog page to the right of the website. Enjoy your fourth, but really consider staying within your paleo lifestyle because you can still have delicious food and have a great time! Here is a website with recipes and meals that you can enjoy on the fourth and also throughout your regular day.