Skill Day: More Pose Running…

Skill Warm-up: 4x 400 m Run- Taking Videos of people’s running form and later on will break down technique and see were we have to fix your form.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps of:

VAGABOND NEWBIE: I would like to welcome, Bruce, who has joined the Vagabond community and crushed his workout called “Tabata Bottom to Bottom.” Bruce is a great addition to the garage, as he is determined and ready to learn the ways of CrossFit. I am excited to have him aboard and cannot wait to see his progress. Bruce came to me with a little CrossFit background, as he did it on his own for a couple of months. However, he was looking for more structure and a community where he can flourish and become productive in physical ability. Welcome aboard, Bruce and get ready to work hard!!

I am excited to see the Vagabond community keep growing each week and see the improvements that everyone is making in their physical prowess. Tommorow we will hit some more Pose runnint technique and will have the camera ready to catch the Vagabonds faults and also their accomplishments. We will study the tape after the Warm-Up workout and show the Vagabonds their problems and try to fix their running technique. It will be a very important day, as everyone knows that I am a big supporter of CrossFit Endurance and what they are doing out there in California and across the world for our endurance sports. Get Ready and Work Hard!!