Skill Warm-Up:
Mobility Stretches

Strength WOD:
Push Jerk Max- 1-1-1

Met-Con WOD:
2000 M Row then 3 Rounds of:
16 DB Swings
16 DB Snatch- Left Arm/Right Arm
16 Pull-ups
16 Box Jumps

As you can see I headed up North to Waterville Valley to partake in some cliff jumping and a nice training session for some elevation runs. The weather was great and the company was even better. My best friend from home, 2nd Lt. John Costantino is home from the Marines and will be partaking in the slaughter fests held at the Vagabond garage. He is a great athlete and a great addition to the garage for the next month. My other best friend, who you see looking all stealth and ripped up is Ricky. One of the best sprinters to come out of Xaverian History and even a better hurdler in college at Dartmouth was the man who joined me for my elevated runs this morning. It was a great time, but did sorely miss being in the garage, as it was the longest time I was away from the garage of hell in the last two and half months. Well, back to business on Monday, as we continue crunching our numbers for our strength days and another brutal met-con with a couple of movements we have not touched in the last few weeks. I hope everyone is rested and ready to be bamboozled with a great workout on Monday. The garage will be open all morning and night, so stop by!!