Skill Warm-up: Agility Ladder

Two in, Two in/Two Out, Lateral Sides, Push-Up Two in, Push-up Two in/Two Out, Hop Skip…

Strength WOD:

Front Squat Max Test:


Met-Con WOD:

400 m Sprint

10 SDHP- Choose appropriate weight to keep your work and power output at the maximum

20 Double Unders/50 Single Unders

30 Air Squats

5 Rounds- As Fast As Humanely Possible

The CrossFit Games are approaching and some incredible athletes will be participating in the event, which will include some great events and some great people. I am leaving a clip from last year’s Games, which is the final event of the Games. Jason Khalipa would be the eventual champion, but Chris Spealler who weighs 135 lbs was in the lead and the last event was 30 reps of 155 lb clean and jerks. The amazing thing is that he finished the workout and the weight was 20 lbs more than his bodyweight. You really have to appreciate this effort and his athletic ability. Not all of us can have this gift, but at least God blessed someone with incredible ability.