Skill Warm-Up- Dumbbell Movements

Shoulder Press, Push Press, Thruster, Snatch- Left Arm, Right Arm, Deadlift Suit Cases, Lunges with dumbbells in Both Hands. Dumbbell Swings

Strength WOD:

Thruster Max Test: 1-1-1

Met-Con WOD:

AMRAP-12 Minutes

7 Overhead Squats

7 Ring Dips

The Vagabonds have really been hitting their workout hard over the last couple of weeks and have seen steady improvements in their stamina and endurance. I am truly proud of everyone and they are all reaching their goals. Keep up the Hard Work!!

VAGABOND NEWS: As you can tell over the last week we have been doing 1 rep maxes with some strength WOD’s. The reason I am doing this, so I can get everyone’s numbers on eight specific lifts that we will be concentrating on over the next three months. I have implemented a strength WOD, in which, we can get their 1 rep maxes and from there I can calculate were their power and work output can be more efficient during Met-Con workouts and also higher repetition strength days. I believe this will benefit them in all their workouts and just takes some times to get all the Vagabonds numbers in my secret log book. So, stay patient and wait for the results Vagabonds, as you will be pleased later on down the road. Thanks and Be Patient!!

Garage Gym Hours starting on Friday, June 26th, 2009: I will be available now in the morning for workouts and just let me know what time you can show up and we can work something out. Starting on Monday, we will start following a 3 on/1 day off schedule. This meaning we will workout for 3 days and everyone will have the same rest day. However, on those Rest Days, if you missed a workout during those 3 days on, you will be able to make it up on the rest day. However, I encourage that you make it on the 3 days on/1 day off schedule, so that everyone is on the same schedule. Thanks, and get ready for a fun filled summer!!