Skill Warm-Up:
10 of each: Spiderman Push-ups, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jack Squats, High Knee Lunges, Tuck Jumps

Strength WOD:
Power Cleans 1-1-1- Test 1 Rep Max

Met-Con WOD:
Ten Rounds for Time of:
60 m Sprint with DB’s
7 DB Burpees

7 Rounds for Time of:
60 m Sprint with DB’s
7 Burpees

So, far the new strength WOD implemented into the Vagabonds daily routine has been great and the skill warm-ups added in everyday, have really added to the arsenal for the Vagabonds. They are becoming more flexible, coordinated, and their agility and balance have greatly improved. I am so impressed with their determination and work ethic over the last month. Also, within the next two months a few of the Vagabonds will be partcipating in a 5K run down in the Cape Cod. I cannot wait to see their results and show that CrossFit truly works with limited running workouts. Everyone get ready for a killer workout and rest up. Keep up the Good Work and Great Job!!