Skill of the Day: Medicine Ball Clean

Skill WOD:
Max Hold on L-Sit Paralletes

Met-Con WOD:
3 Rounds for Time of:
Run 400 m
DB Swings x 21- 45 lbs
HSPU- Based on Max # of HSPU’s from Last Week- If you did 14, then your count will be 11-7-4

Modified Workout:
6 Rounds for time of:
200 m Run
DB Swings-15,13,11,9,7,5
HSPU-Box- 13,11,9,7,5,3

As you can tell the workouts are varied and have a complex behind it like no other. I have been keeping track of all the Vagabonds max rep scores and have calculated where I want them to have their rep scheme during their workout. We do not want the Vagabonds to be sluggish during their workout, so I have meticulous calculated what their numbers would be for most work and power output during a workout. This is more efficient and calls for a better workout. Just because their rep scheme is lower, does not mean they are sacrificing the Metabolic Conditioning during the WOD. To have more power output during a WOD, is more beneficial and simply more efficient.