Skills Warm-Up:
Core Training: Hollow Rocks, L-Sits, Knees to Chest, Knees to Elbows, Shins to Bar…

Skill Training: Muscle-Up Progression, False Grip Pull-Ups, Ring Dips

Strength WOD:
Back Squat- 1RM

Met-Con WOD:
Ascension Ladder Pull-Ups: On the Minute every Minute do the prescribed number of Pull-ups- First start with One Pull-Up, then go up to Twenty Pull-Ups, or to failure, if you do no reach the prescribed number of pull-ups in the minute.

VAGABOND NEWS: I am excited about the new program we have put together for the Vagabond athletes, as we begin our journey down a black box/strength WOD five days a week. I attribute this programming to Ben Kelly from CrossFit Performance and also Catalyst Athletics for guiding me along and giving me some great insight into a program that will really help the Vagabonds in their strength conditioning and also perfecting their form on Oly/Powerlifting movements. The journey begins Monday, and down the road will see some great results.

VAGABOND NUTRITION: I have created a blog specifically for Nutrition, which you will see on the right hand side, which is called Vagabond Nutrition. I will post every few days with updates of progress and some helpful information to guide you along your new found path of healthy living. Check out the link and get ready for some great information to be thrown at you in the coming months.