Skill Warm-Up- More Muscle-Up Progression

7 Rounds for Time of:
25 Air Squats
8 False Grip Pull-ups

8 Ring Dips
7 Hang Power Cleans-Men-115 lbs Women-55-65 lbs
25 Sit-ups

Great Weekend spent at CrossFit Boston as I attended the Nutrition Cert hosted by Robb Wolf. This was the cert I was most thrilled to go to because of my interest in nutrition and the benefits of living a clean, healthy lifestyle. I knew the basis of the Zone/Paleo Diet and read my articles and books upon this way of living and also myself follow a very strict way of Paleo living. However, the information I took in from this cert was amazing and the lectures were great. I learned so much and CrossFit Boston was an excellent host, and would like to send a thank you to Neil Thompson, the owner of CrossFit Boston for holding a great event. Everyday there is something new to learn and you have to be humble enough to know that there is always someone smarter and more knowledgeable than you on a certain topic, so open your ears and listen!! Thanks and Have a Great Day

I have modified the HQ workout to the Vagabonds physical abilities and realize that for their first workout with muscle-ups, it would be inefficient and useless to agonize over this movement. I came to the conclusion with the help from Samy from CrossFit New Hampshire, that jumping muscle-ups are not the best substitute for this movement, as it does not emulate the movement to perfection and almost is to easy. It can create bad form and bad technique. People have the most problem with the false grip and I believe we should focus on people’s weaknesses to better prepare them for the future. Good Luck Vagabonds and Keep Working Hard!!