Hang Squat Clean- 15 reps
Ring Dips- 12 reps
Sit-ups(Unanchored)-21 reps

A nice little amrap WOD that involves a little powerlifting, gymnastics, and core production. These are the workouts that all CrossFitters should salivate at and really appreciate how constantly varied this regiment really is. It will be a great indicator of where the Vagabonds are at in their gymnastics performance, but also gives them a much needed workout involving the clean, which we have been practicing over the last month for our warm-up and with constant drilling. I wilL leave this post with a demonstration by Coach B and his daughter, Sage, of how to properly execute the Hang Clean. Great Job Everyone and Keep Up the Good Work.

VAGABOND UPDATE: I would like to congratulate one of our Vagabonds, Mel, for back squatting an astonishing weight today and maxing out at 170 lbs. A few weeks ago she was struggling with 80 lbs and goes to show with a little hard work and some intensity, and great form how much you can improve over a short period of time. Great Job Mel!!

VAGABOND NEWBIE UPDATE: I would like to welcome, G, to the Vagabond community and cannot wait to see him perform. He came to me with the goal of gaining some much needed weight on his body and set him up on Paleo/Zone Program, which will give him some much needed healthy body mass weight gain to reach his goal. Welcome and Get Reay!!

Nessa’s First Introduction to Pose Running!!