Skills Warm-up- Mobility:
Pose Running:
Lean Wall Drill
Gun Run
Wall Drill- Pulling
Hop Forwards

Strength/Heavy Day:
Back Squat
5×3- @ 80% of 1RM

Rest 7 Minutes:
Row- 4x 500 m- 1:1 Intervals- Rest How Long it takes you to complete 500 m

This is what we have been waiting for the last month and a half, for another crack at the Back Squat and to see some serious PR’s among the Vagabonds. The anticipation is killing me to see how well everyone performs, and to see some serious weight be tossed around. I have left a video for everyone to study and observe to understand how to properly execute the Back Squat. Many misconceptions are that we should be using our knees or chest to raise the bar from our low bar position. However, we should be using our butt, lower back, and hamstrings to drive that bar up to complete the correct back squat. Enjoy and Learn from the best!!

VAGABOND NEWBIE: I would like to welcome Nick to the Vagabond Community and we welcomed him indeed, with a little “Bottom to Bottom Tabata.”