All Movements performed for 20 seconds with 10 second rest: Due the Following:
Push Press
Rest 1 Minute
Snatch Left Arm/Right Arm
Rest 1 Minute
Front Squat
Rest 1 Minute
Abmat Sit-ups
Done and Complete

Modified Version for Beginners or Not Quite there yet Athletes:
Amrap-15 Minutes
10 Power Snatches- 5 Left and 5 Right
15 Air Squats
10 Abmat Sit-ups

Yes, we are back at it again for Sunday’s Suck Fest with a little dumbbell work and some more outstanding functional movements with our lovely set of iron divas. Dumbbell work is very important for functional movement, but also very important to learning other movements. Dumbbells are excellent toys to use to keep the workouts constantly varied, but also use a new tool in your athletic arsenal. I would like to give thanks to Michael Rutherford for helping me out with his articles and emails to make me better understand the importance of dumbbell use. Michael Rutherford makes a good point about the use of the Dumbbell Tabata,
“I always have my athletes rest one minute between
movement blocks. One minute is not long, but even the
short break improves the quality of the entire workout,
it gives them time to transition from one move to the
next. Remember, the objective is to stimulate, not

Here is a video courtesy of CrossFit of how to properly execute the dumbbell snatch movement.