Skill Warm-up- Snatch Balance Drills

Many people have asked me why are we doing a long run, if CrossFit specializes in anaerobic training and looks down upon aerobic training. The answer is simple because we are constantly varied and want to hit every possible ten aspect of fitness possible during our workouts. We have been performing met-con workouts to strength workouts over the last two months and our bodies have been taking beating with these type of workouts. A long run every now and then actually gives those other body parts a much needed rest and aerobic training is not all that bad, if you do it in moderation. Our CrossFit regiment prepares us very much for these types of workouts, as they benefit our anaerobic and aerobic training all at once. Our ancestors during the Paloelithic Period and before, were hunters and gatherers, so our body is genetically capable of covering these type of distances. A excerpt from Greg Glassman’s CrossFit Journal article states the case in these words, “From a physiological point of view, all it results in is “improvement in stores of oxidative energy substrates and associated enzymes; the athlete can run longer but not faster.” But that in itself is not a bad goal, of course—to be able to run longer.” Also, during a long run, your endurance musle groups are benefited during these types of workouts, so the ultimate goal is accomplished. I will leave this topic with another quote from the founder of CrossFit, in which, he states running these long distances our beneficial in small doses, “So what is my point? Am I saying that you should not run 5K? No. Although CrossFit can effectively build a high level of aerobic running fitness and endurance via interval training and other highintensity anaerobic activity, these do not simulate the mechanical loading of a long run.”

New Vagabond, My sister, Julie, hitting one of the nine fundamental movements with great form and technique.