On the Minute Strength Day:
On the Every Minute Perform the Following:
3 Deadlifts at 75-80% of 1 Rep Maximum

Foul- If you do not perform the three deadlifts in the minute given or lose control, lose grip, or regrip, you will be penalized 5 Burpees for each missed Repetition.

This was a good workout for the Vagabonds, as I wanted to concentrate on form and technique during this workout. Many of the Vagabonds, have been hitting strength days at heavy weight with 1 rep max, but today I wanted to concentrate on middle heavy weight with a few more repetitions. The Vagabonds did great during their workout and all of them have come so far with their technique. The proper form for deadlift is to have your shins against the bar, and have your back tight and compact, so that your shoulder blades are tight and almost brought together. As you approach the bar, you should be gripping the Oly bar with a hook grip and having arms clear of your knees. As you bend down to pick up the bar, your chest should be big and out with your hips up and shoulder directly over the bar. Everyone did a great job and showed me some real improvement. Great Job Guys and Girls and Kepp up the Good Work!!

Nutrition Anaylsis: Almost all the Vagabonds are set up on the Paleo Diet and have really seen some weight drop from their body. The basics of the Paleo Diet are to eat lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and stay away from processed food, starches, sugar, and anything else our country has ruined due to processing and trying to save money in their factories. For over two million years our ancestors ate this way and there were no chronic diseases, such as, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol problems. Your main goal is to stay away from saturated fats, but take in good fats, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Also stay away from all types of dairy and grains, as these our the main causes for our world’s health problems today. Sugary foods, such as, candy, sweetners, fructose, and processed foods cause your glucose and insulin levels to shoot through the roofs, which our the beginning stages for diabetes and heart disease. I cannot stress the importance of a healthy diet for your own well-being, but also optimal performance in your physical ability. Grains and dairy have only been part of our being for only ten thousands years, which is a blip in our existence, as for two million years our ancestors ate the way we should be eating. The Paleo Diet is the only logical way to optimal health and staying away from the diseases that plague our society in our present day. The Paleo Diet is not the fad diets, such as Atkins and the Low Carb diets that exist in our culture today. Many of these diets tell you to stray away from fruits and vegies, but to take a huge consumption of bacon, sausage, pork, and high saturated fats. Protein should be at least 35% of your diet as it vital to your physical performance, but also a natural blocker of being hungry. It is a stimulant, which causes your to feel full and not crave your late night snacks or bad habits. So, we should take a little advice from our ancestors and follow in their footsteps, as they were the cornerstone of our existence, and without them we would not be here today. So, eat well and be healthy, and start to seriously think about your future health and physical performance, as the Paleo Diet will only benefit you in the long run.

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Outstanding Books to Read to Fill Your Mind with Good Information and Put to Rest the Current Problem with our society’s problems of obesity and chronic diseases, simply known as “Syndrome X”.

Books by Dr. Loren Cordain, the lead expert in the Paleo Diet:
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