3 Rounds for Time of:
Dumbbell Swings
Dumbbell Split Jerks

Ross doing Kipping pull-ups- Started out with no pull-ups a month ago, now busting out 15 in a set and more. Great Job Ross!!

Everyone did a great job today as they slugged through their first workout involving the split jerk with the dumbbells. I am a avid lover of dumbbells and believe they are the best thing since sliced bread. They are very funnctional to our daily lives from picking things up to handing things over to people in our everyday activity. The split jerk was a complete success as everyone performed the workout with high intensity and great technique.

New Vagabond Sighting: I would like to welcome Nick, to our family as he will begin his journey down CrossFit Road. Nick has been a close friend of mine over the years and was sick of the conventional gym, as he got bored with the lax workouts and tiredsome attitudes of the people at the “Globo Gym’s”. I would like to welcome Nick and cannot wait to see the progress he makes over this coming summer.

Guest Vagabond: My other close friend from Maine, Jacyln, came and visited the Vagabond Garage. Of course, we had her hit a WOD, in the remembrance of her called “Jackie”. She did an outstanding job and posted a great time. I am fortunate to have her visit and was really impressed with her athletic ability. Jackie belongs to a kettlebell gym up in Southern Maine, which implements some CrossFit into their workouts, so she was well prepared. Great Job and Keep up the Good Work!!