As Fast As Humanely Possible of:
1K Row
50 Thrusters(45 lb barbell)
30 Pull-ups

We hit a little “Jackie” today for the WOD and everyone performed great. This was the Western Canada Regional Qualifier and wanted to put the guys through the same pain that all those athletes up North had to endure a couple of weeks ago. Everyone’s Rowing technique is getting better each time they step on that machine and everyone’s form from the front squat to the push press is astoundingly leaps and bounds better than before. I would also like to welcome my sister, Julie, to the Vagabond Domain and cannot wait to train her and see her improvement. She is coming into CrossFit already in top shape, as she has been boxing over the last two years. I am pleased to have a relative step through our doors and cannot wait to work with her over the coming months.

Here is a video as the CrossFit athletes take on “Jackie” for one of their WOD’S in the Western Region of Canada for the CrossFit Regionals. Great Stuff and a Great Video!!