“Jeremy on Roids”
4 Rounds for Time of:
Overhead Squat

The guys did a great job today and saw some real improvement in their overhead squat work and for the first time they performed the dreaded burpee at CrossFit standards for the Games. They really showed some grit during this workout, as I stepped it up a notch by adding a another round and few more repetitions. I tell the guys all the time how important the overhead squat is to learning the technique for the snatch movement, as we will be tackling that beast within the next month. We have started to drill the Coach B Warm-Ups and have seen some nice improvement with their skills with the snatch movement. The overhead squat is not only essential to perfecting the snatch, but also is a great core workout and also benefits the back squat and front squat movement. You are overextending your core by pushing the bar overhead and pushing it up as high as you can get it. The basics is to have your shoulders completley locked out, as this will balance the bar and also create good form as you do this.

Here is a video by Mark Rippetoe, the lead powerlifting coach in the country, on how to properly execute the overhead squat and the form on how to perfect this movement.