800 M Run
30 DB Swings
20 Tire Deadlifts
10 Ring Dips

I decided to do this workout and use the tires for the first time, since they have been sitting around and getting jealous for not being used during a workout. The tire is a great functional piece of equipment as it emulates alot of the lifting that we do in our regular lives. The guys performed great and got through a tough workout. Every Saturday, we will have these brutal Met-Con Workouts, to keep the guys and girls honest with themselves. It was a steady stream of Vagabonds throughout the morning and into the afternoon. I was pleased to see a few of them starting to do RX Handstand Push-ups and the others were rocking out the modified Hand Stands with great technique and form. I was pleased with the work ethic and the overall effort from everyone today. The tires were great and really was a great simulation of a functional movement. Alot of times in our lives, we do pick things up off the ground, but do it with improper technique. This will not only be a great practice for protocol deadlifts, but also prepare the Vagabonds on how to properly lift something off the ground in their everyday lives. As CrossFit stands, it is a high intensity,functional workout that will equate to your everyday living. Great Job Guys and Keep up the Great Work!!

Some Vagabond News: We started out training in Muscle-Ups and showed a few of the guys, how to properly hold the rings during a muscle-up. We went over the false grip and took the first step towards learning this movement. I had them do false grip pull-ups, which is the first movement in a muscle-up. They did a great job and sooner than later they will busting out muscle-ups in a workout.

Some More Vagabonds News: Also, Along with myself and the other Vagabonds, I will learning and teaching the Butterfly Kip, which is a reverse kipping pull-up. I have attached a video to show the proper technique and the steps toward moving into this movement. It is different than a regular kipping pull-up, but is more efficient. It is a circular motion and looks like a reverse kipping pull-up.