5 Rounds for Time of:

500 m Row

400 m Run

Another great day within Vagabond CrossFit as the athletes beat down the workout today and improved on their pose running and endurance skills. It is amazing to see the progress that everyone is making within their endurance/stamina regiment, and they are starting to hit their intensity within their workouts. Today, we performed a running and rowing workout within the garage. I thought it was time for another endurance workout for we have been straying away from running in the last few workouts. All the Vagabonds did a great job and started to show improvements in their running skills. I have been talking about Pose Runnning for the last month now and people are starting to see why I stress the importance of this skill. Great Job Today and Keep up the Hard Work.

COME BY THE GARAGE AT 10 am for Saturday’s Suck Fest: We will be using the tires that we were blessed with by Ross’s brother for the first time for a killer workout tommorow. It wil involve a little bit of everything as we will hit a little bit of running, a little bit of functional movement, and a little bit of gymnastics. So, come by and get ready to get mutilated, but also to have a great time with the other Vagabonds!!

Training Progressions: We will be hitting another skill of the week, as I will be training and showing some of the Vagabonds on how to properly execute a Muscle-Up, which is perhaps the hardest movement in CrossFit. The Muscle-up is a great upper body workout, but also is a great core workout, as you use a hollow technique to perform the movement. Here our a couple of videos on the Muscle-Up Progression. Enjoy and Get Ready to Learn a Cool Movement!!