We had a strength day within Vagabond CrossFit and everyone saw their scores rise at an amazing rate. We performed the shoulder press, push press, and push jerk for a workout today. It was a great workout and showed that CrossFit really is constantly varied in their workouts. We have been hitting Met-Con workouts and endurance workouts hard over the last week, so I thought it was right to concentrate on another aspect of fitness today. Everyone performed great and did an outstanding job. However, I have to stress the importance of the daily warm-up, as we have fallen behind on really hitting home the basic Skills and Drills I have setup here at Vagabond CrossFit. Your warm-up is essential to your safety and technique training. It is as important as the workout itself. The reason the warm-up and mobility drills are so important because they prepare you for your workout, but also practices repetitions on the movements that we are not performing on the day of a given workout. The warm-up is a great system that is implemented before your workout because it prepares you for the brutal CrossFit workouts and also prepares your whole body for the day. Especially before strength days or heavy days, the warm-up is essential. Before any heavy lifting, you must warm-up with light repetitions and get your body prepared for the movements that you will be performing during that day. So, I will once again, list out the Skills and Drills of Vagabond CrossFit!!

10 of each: 9 Fundamental Movements
10 of each: Pull-ups/Push-Ups/ Sit-Ups/Ring Dips/Shins to Bar
5 of each: Muscle Ups/L Sits/ Pull-ups/ Handstands/Parallete Push Ups
Row 500-1000m – Light Warm-up- 70% RPE
Run 400-800m- Light Warm-up- 70% RPE
Shoulder Press- 3-3-3-3
Push Press- 5-5-5-5
Push Jerk- 7-7-7-7