Oh My God!! This workout was insane and brutally tough for the guys. However, they did an outstanding job and really performed well. The Crossfit HQ WOD was posted yesterday, however, we do not have a bench, so I had to improvise with some other movements. I added a little creativity and insane thinking and came up with a great workout for the guys. Not only did it substitute great for the bench press, but it really destroyed the guys. I added in ring dips and parallete push-ups, which were brutal. However, they are great substitutes for bench press and equally difficult. They are all push movements, which substitute for the missed bench and are great stabilizers for the core strength we are looking for in Vagabond CrossFit. Great Job Guys and Keep up the Good Work!!
Some Thanks and Gratitude: As you scroll down through the pictures, you will see that Ross and Ham made another pull-up bar for Vagabond CrossFit. It stands 10 feet tall and will support at least three more people for pull-ups. Also, it will be great for muscle up training, ring dips, and other gymnastics moves. Ross and Ham did a great job and got this massive pull-up system done in less than two hours, as I was not present, due to my other professsion as a third grade teacher in the inner city chasing little rugrats around. Thanks Guys and You are Sweeeet!!! Especially You Hammie!!!
Row 500 m
Ring Dips x 21
Parallete Push-Ups x 21
Row 1000m
Ring Dips x 18
Parallete Push-ups x 18
Row 2000m
Ring Dips x 15
Parallete Push-Ups x 15