Come by Tommorow for another Weekend Slay Fest- 10 am Start Time
Another Saturday Slay Fest at the Vagabond Garage and all the athletes put a tremendous amount of work into their workouts. We did some homecooking with “Kelly” and “Running Fran”. However, we have started our classes on Handstand Progression and Jump Rope Progression. Before, the workout, I took some of the guys and began showing them the proper technique for HandStand Holds and Double Under Progression. These are vital movements for the Vagabonds and will be implemented into their workouts within the next two weeks. I am not confident enough to throw these exercises into a workout without the proper training and practice. It would be like throwing weight on a barbell for the first timer in CrossFit. If I did this, it would be irresponsible as a trainer and also a remedy for disaster in injury. We must practice the technique and movements, before we throw these movements into a workout. It is like the 9 Fundamentals and must practice repetition after repetition to build up the physical ability for our athletes. Safety is first. Technique is second. Intensity is third.
Also, the ladies are in their pull-up progression training and performed their first workout of the day with the pull-up implemented into their workout. They did a great job and showed some great determination during their workout. We have the women on the assisted bands and they will see vast improvements in their pull-up numbers. Everyday for the next week, we will practice pull-ups and add it into their warm-up. They have started on the black band and will slowly move to the green band within the next couple of weeks. Within a months time, they will be banging out pull-ups unassisted and cannot wait to see the progression they make with their pull-up skills. I will keep everyone updated with their progress and will call it the “Journey down Pull-Up Road.” As for the guys, I will document the progress they will make with their HandStand Holds and see the progression they will make to HandStand Push-Ups. Great Job Today everyone and Keep Up the Good Work!!
Here is a couple of videos that will show the progression within Double Unders and also a video on the 100 Miler in the Keys. Great Videos and Great Learning Technique for Double Unders by the master jump roper, Buddy Lee:


“Kelly”- 5 Rounds for Time of:
30 Wall Balls
30 Box Jumps
400 m Run

“Running Fran”- 3 Rounds for Time of:
400 m Run
Band Assisted Pull-Ups
Thrusters- 35 lbs