Today was a busy day within CrossFit Vagabond and the people put up some crazy scores within their workouts. The men performed a nice strength day workout involving cleans, front squat, and Shoulder Press. Most of the guys were asking me that they really wanted to concentrate on their strength and start throwing around some good weight in the future. As, a sprint of luck, they were very fortunate that I just finished a three month workout revolving around the likes of a BlackBox workout created by Sammy from CrossFit New Hampshire. I was in the same bind as them, as I too three months ago wanted to improve my strength and see my scores rise at a level that I would be happy with in time. Well, I was the test dummy and I got to say this workout that was implemented into my scheme worked wonders with my strength and most of all my technique. So, today the guys will take a journey down strength road and start hitting some serious workouts involving powerlifting, olympic lifts, and technique training. The first month the guys will focus on the lifts called the Clean, Shoulder Press, Front Squat, and Deadlift. Two days a week they will smash these workouts and see some great improvements in their strength and also some serious accomplishments in their technique. The First Month Workout surrounds themselves with alot of Push/Pull workouts that will not only benefit them during their heavy days, but will also see vast improvements in their Met-Con Workouts and explosiveness with other lifts. I finally introduced them to the COACH B WARM-UPS, which entails the movements of the SNATCH AND CLEAN, which are the two olympic lifts associated with this type of regiment. Coach B is a legend in the powerlifting/Olympic Lifting world and has done wonders over the last thirty years of lifting. He is a mastermind in technique and form. The COACH B WARM UPS consist of the following:

10 of each for each movement for a warm-up- Use a PVC PIPE OR 45LB BARBELL:

Shrugs/High Pulls/Snatch and Clean with no jump down/ Waist Level/Mid Thigh Level/ Full Range Level-

This regiment is perfect for practice in the movements that we will be performing over the next month and the guys will see some crazy scores within the next month. Great Job Guys and Get Ready!!

Here is great Video from Coach B teaching the Snatch movement and hopefully in a couple a months the Vagabonds will be performing this movement to their physical ability.

Here are the Vagabond WOD’S for the Day:


5X5X5X5X5 of:


Front Squats

Shoulder Press

Three Rounds for Time of:

Row 250 m

Push Press-15-12-9

Run 250 m

Three Rounds for Time of:


Row 500 m