Three Rounds for Time of:
Run .5 mile
50 Wall Balls
Run .5 mile
40 Wall Balls
Run .5 mile
30 Wall Balls
This was a killer workout for the guys, but gave them a good idea of running a decently far distance and practicing their Wall Balls, which is a good indicator of their air squat technique and good movement for the Push Press. Great Job Guys!! Check out the Journal Article on Pose Running and read some valuable information on this SKILL!!
Other Vagabond WOD’S:
I would like to welcome two new Vagabonds to the community by the name of, Nora and Gus. They performed the dreaded Tabata Suck Fest and were taught the first six fundamentals of CrossFit. They will be sore and tight, but they really appreciated and underestimated the effects of doing basic air squats with bodyweight. Great Job Guys!!
“Tabata Squats”- 20:10 x 8 rounds
Other Vagabond WOD’S the guys and girls performed in the Vagabond Garage:
Three Rounds for Time of:
21-18-15 of:
Push Press
Abmat Sit-ups
Run 250 m
Medicine Ball Clean Overview:
Amrap WOD of 8 minutes:
7 Medicine Ball Cleans
7 Push-Ups
AMRAP of 10 Minutes of:
Ring Rows x 10
Push-ups x 10
Abmat Sit-ups x 10
Air Squats x 10
Four Rounds for Time of:
Run 400 m
20 Burpees
As you can see, at Vagabond CrossFit we are all over the place with different workouts, but that is what you get when you start having streams of people coming through your doors. I am so proud of all the people showing up and getting through these workouts. They are all great people and making huge strides in their performance. Great Times and Great Work Ethic, which I want here within Vagabond CrossFit!!