REST DAY: After three brutal days of workouts for the gang, they get a well deserved Rest Day. Also, many of the counterparts are working off a little bit too much of a send off party for 2nd LT. Pat Bragan, as he gets prepared to defend our country overseas in Afghanistan. I wish him all the best and will keep him in our prayers as he is off fighting for our country.
A little background news: The Skill of the Week will be Medicine Ball Cleans and the gang will be drenched with repetitions with the dreaded Med Ball Clean. This is one of the 9 fundamental movements and is a great practice for other movements that deal with the clean and snatch movement. We also will test the waters with the newly made Sandbags that were created over the week and will give them some pain during the workouts during the week. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and will be ready for the coming week.
Check out the CrossFit Journal Article on Sandbag Training and how important it is to fundamental movements and independent living. Click and Read: A must read for CrossFitters!!
The importance of Rest Days are very appropriate for the regiment of CrossFit. On rest days, you should hit your rest time as hard as you hit your workouts. An ample amount of water and healthy eating within the Zone Diet and Paleo Diet are key to optimal success within CrossFit. This is when your muscles recover and grow within Rest Days. Your body is like a machine, and cannot be overloaded with intense workouts. You will only benefit and become stronger, when you take an appropriate Rest Day. This is why CrossFit strongly suggests to follow the three Days on/1 day off module. Cases of fatigue, Rhabdo, muscle strain, over training, and plateau during workouts are all signs of over training and not taking the appropriate Rest Days when indicated. Treat your body like a Temple, and remember to follow these instructions!!
I, myself, was a perfect example of over training and hitting workouts too hard and too much during my early days in CrossFit. I still fall under the pressure, of working out too much and feeling the effects of plateau. Take it from someone who has experienced this side of training and sometimes still perform to this day!!
Here is an article on Rhabdo and the effects of overtraining and getting pushed into CrossFit workouts at RX to early into your training.