Vagabond CrossFit WOD- 4/28/09

This post will be short and sweet and down to the point. Today was a scorcher with the temperature hitting over 90 degrees. The guys limits were tested today and they passed with flying colors. However, it did not come without any dues, as they were gassed and completely hung over from a very tough workout. Another milestone was hit for a few of the guys as they busted out over 70 repetitions on the ring dips with great form and some great intensity. Ham performed his strength workout for the week and excelled in his weight movement. This kid is very strong and showed some great intensity during his workout. Shane performed a workout that consisted of two of the nine fundamental movements and the dreaded burpees. I appreciate the guys coming out and performing during the awful heat and getting through the workouts. It was so hot out, that Ross even stripped down to his little, bittie athletic tights, which was a tear jerker during his workout. I could barely control myself as his little flat butt shaked in the wind. Also, what was important is that the guys really saw the difference in the ring dips compared to the parallel dips. They realized how much stability and coordination you need to perform this movement. We have been practicing static holds and 10 repetitions everyday for the last two weeks and I believe this really paid off. Thanks to Sammy from CrossFit New Hampshire for showing me the Skills and Drills work for a warmup. It really hits home all the movements of CrossFit. Repetition, Repetition is the key to the Vagabond CrossFit and self improvement in CrossFit. Great Job Today and Hopefully it will be a little cooler for the next few days.
Some Surrounding News: I would like to welcome 2nd Lt. Pat Bragan home to the South Shore and will be grateful to see him this weekend. Pat will be deployed to Afghanistan in the coming weeks and will be great to see him. I want to thank him for his service and hope he stays safe overseas.
Vagabond CrossFit WOD’S:
Strength/Heavy Day WOD:
Shoulder Press- 5-5-5-5-5
Push Press- 3-3-3-3-3
Push Jerk- 1-1-1-1-1
Ham Results:
This is what we want to see with these three Press movements, a slight increase in each movement on the weights. Every movement shou
ld have about a 20% increase in the weight as we move up in repetitions. Great Job Ham!
Shane WOD-
AMRAP-10 mins of:
Air Squats x 15
Push Press x 12
Burpees x 9
Rounds: 7
Ross and Chris WOD-
7 Rounds for Time of:
Great job guys on your first workout involving the rings and great technique on your Sumo Dead High Pulls!!