Vagabond CrossFit WOD- 4/25/09 + 4/26/09

Inventions: Kevin and myself made a new contraption with the 250 lb tire that we received from a generous donor for the Vagabond CrossFit Cause. As you can see in the picture we put together a hellish farmer’s walk contraption, were we nailed in two PVC Pipes to make handles for the carries. This will be a great addition to the garage and will be some killer workouts in the future with this beast of a tire.

Nice MetCon for the Day with the nicest day in Spring so far:

It was a nice day off for a few of the Vagabond CrossFitters, but some of the guys were stuck on their second day and had to trudge through the heat and sweat of the day. However, they really appreciated this workout at the end and ran the most they have ever during a workout. I mutated the RX workout called “Michael” to cater to their needs and give them one hell of a workout. The reason I mutated the workout was to have the guys work at a fast pace and not have them stopping every minute or every rep to take a breather. I want them to truly understand the definition of Metabolic Conditioning and understand you must go full throttle during these types of workout. If they performed they RX workout of “Michael”, they would have gotten through the first round with probably no unbroken sets, but would have been struggling to get through the last two rounds. This is what I do not want happening to them in their early stages of CrossFit. It would be demoralizing and also not beneficial to their endurance and stamina aspects of fitness. Yes, it is alright to stop and rest for a second during a METCON workout, but to see signs of severe fatigue or resting after every rep and struggling to get through the first round is a bad sign that the workout is not cater to the persons physical ability. This was broken down into six rounds with 25 reps for each movement. This workout killed them and basically put up some quality times in the meantime. However, they were total gassed and were begging never to do a Good Morning ever again. The last two workouts consisted of some major target points in the glutes, quads, and hams, which made the guys realize that the hamstring actually does connect from the knee to the lower back. The guys put forth a great effort and will sadly say goodbye to Good Mornings/Back Extensions for awhile. Great Job and Keep up the Good Work!!
BIG DAY SUNDAY: The Sunday Showdown with the newly made SandBag will be in full affect tomorrow and they guys will have to show some true determination to finish the workout the workout that I brewed together for this one. It will involve a Sandbag Carry and one of the Fundamental Movements. It will be closely related to one of the Qualifier Workouts of the Day, but will not involve the Snatch Movement, for this is for advanced athletes only. The snatch movement is a great lift, but only novice or elite athletes should try this movement, for it takes many training hours and progression training to perform this movement correctly. Considered one of the hardest lifts in the world, it can be truly effective for every other lift, but takes time and some great form to perfect. The technique and movement alone is very difficult to learn with a PVC Pipe, ima
gine adding some serious weight and skill to this movement. However, the guys will be challenged tomorrow and will see some crazy results with a homemade Sandbag!!

Results for the Sandbag Carry- Another invention made within Vagabond CrossFit, that consisted of 75 lbs of sand and one military duffel bag. I was in the garage one night around 10:30 pm and thought to myself, I could make a killer workout with this bag. Not only is it important for sandbag walks, but it will also be helpful for teaching cleaning technique and improving our strength with these movements. Since, my camera ran out of batteries, I could not snap any pictures. We looked like true savages, as we went to a church parking lot and were performing Overhead Squats and walking a huge sandbag for 200 ft across the lot. People were stopping and staring and wondering what is going on over there. Little, did they know that these guys were getting a great workout and the equipment cost a total of 25 dollars. The guys performed great and had their first introduction to the “Dolly the Sandbag.”

Results from Sunday’s WOD- “Oh Sand”
4 Rounds for Time of:
Overhead Squat(65-75 lbs)
Sandbag Carry x 250 ft

Ross- 6:13
Kevin- 6:32

Vagabond CrossFit WOD-
“Michael” as RX:
3 Rounds for Time of:
800m Run
50 Back Ext
50 Sit-ups
Vagabond Mutation:
6 Rounds for Time of :
400m Run
25 Good Mornings
25 Sit-ups
Ross- 25:07