Vagabond CrossFit WOD- 4/21/09

A nice little AMRAP workout for the boys today and also another new recruit by the name of Jen stopped by to learn the basics of CrossFit and a little workout called “Tabata Squats.” The boys worked through a torrential downpour today and did not phase them as they stuck out their workouts with some real great heart and determination. This was their first time performing the box jumps and realized what a killer movement it can be thrown along side of the likes of Push Press and Burpees. This was a great Metabolic Conditioning Workout for them. Metcon workouts fall with the Type II a fibers, which are used to do repeated lifts with weight below the persons maximum, but not at light weights. The person is putting forth an all out effort during these workouts and basically working to exhaustion. For example, a Olympic Power lifter would use Type II b fibers, to perform their lifts, which means they use high intensity bursts of power such as maximal lifts. Type 1 fibers are activated during aerobic exercises, such as marathon runners or anything over a two hour period, in which, you begin to hit the oxidative state to perform your activities. These are hardly used in CrossFit and are rarely performed when they post workouts such as 10k’s or 5k’s. Crossfit hovers around the anaerobic state which stays within the range of workouts between 5 to 10 minutes. Anaerobic exercises have seen greater results within burning fat, but not burning muscle. This is why you see many marathon runners, very skinny and gaunt. They are not only burning fat, but also tremendous amounts of muscle.
The Benefits of Anaerobic Training, which CrossFit concentrates on:
Increased Cardiovascular function
Decreased Body Fat
Increased Muscle Mass
Increased Strength
Increased Power
Increased Speed
Increased Aerobic Ability
As you can see the benefits of CrossFit are endless and with Metabolic Conditioning you will see results. With the basic conventional training, such as muscle training and bodybuilding, you do see an increase in muscle mass and the Type II muscle fibers do increase. However, since they have just focused on strength and power training, their training does not cross well over with aerobic training or CrossFit Met-Con workouts. CrossFit Metcon workouts require gruelling workouts that also require intensity, in which, all muscle groups are worked. This is a quick rundown of how Met Con Workouts are effective to the body and to the person performing these workouts.
“Newbie” Update- We have another new recruit at Vagabond CrossFit and it goes by the way of a woman, named Jen. Jen came to me and basically wanted to feel better and in the meanwhile, look better to boot. I told her CrossFit can achieve these goals, but only with a great work ethic and a determination to perform the workouts. She agreed with me and tackled the first three fundamental lifts of CrossFit. She was unbelievable and had the best flexibility and technique of anyone that I have trained over the last two months. She did a great job as she busted out 6 rounds of “Tabata Squats”
and showed some great intensity during the workout. I am glad to welcome Jen to the Vagabond Community and cannot wait too see her progression along the way.
The boys today got a little taste of what I call the ” Oh, Box” WOD of Vagabond CrossFit. They performed an AMRAP WOD for 15 minutes of Burpees, Box Jumps, and Push Press. They all did a great job and got some cooling off time during the torrential down pour that consumed them during the workout. They are really beginning to understand the philosophy of Metabolic Conditioning and how it affects the whole body. I am really proud of the guys today and they really impressed me with their scores.
“Oh, Box” WOD-
AMRAP for 15 Minutes of:
7 Burpees
10 Push Press at 75 lbs
15 Box Jumps at 20 inches
Ross- 8 Rds plus 7 Burpees and 2 Push Press
Ham- 8 Rds plus 7 Burpees
Chris- 7 Rounds plus 7 Burpees
Great Job Today Guys and Get Ready For Tomorrow.