Vagabond WOD- 4/20/09

Some Catching Up: I was gone all this weekend down in New Jersey attending the Running and Endurance Cert with CrossFit Endurance. It was an amazing experience and gave me some great insight on how to properly run and how to better my form in the future. All the instructors were top of their class and gave some great lectures. Also, we were killed physically and I was sore more from this weekend, than running my long distances like marathons and up. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn the pose method and be able to get some great insight in how to teach people how to properly run to attend this cert. As an endurance athlete, I took away a lot of valuable information and will be implementing it into my CrossFit Endurance Workouts and also with my clients. The information is endless and abundant, but all quality discussions. If anyone is interested in this type of running check out the links to the right of my page and also look up Dr. Romanov, who started the craze of Pose Running in 1981. The basis of Pose is to be more efficient, but at a less of a cost with injuries. You are working with gravity to help you pull your foot under your general center of mass, which would be under your hips. Your body looks compact and tight, which will in the long run save you from some serious injuries due to improper running. This has been proven to stop the likes of shin splints, plantar fascitis, calf problems, lower back pain, tendinitis and everything in between. It is truly a remarkable theory and will be the forefront of running in the near future. Here is a good example of pose running by Michael Johnson and how to properly run. Notice how his body is small and compact and his strides are short and quick. His general center of mass is under his hips and he pulls with his hamstrings under his hips. His arms are tight to his body and not swaying back and forth. He uses as little energy as possible because he is using gravity to help him pull his leg under his hips. He also does not land on his heels or toes, but lands on the ball of his foot and kisses the ground softly with his heel and pulls quickly back up to his running posture. The three dos of Pose Running is POSTURE, FALLING AND PULLING. Pose Running is very difficult and not everyone is lucky like Michael Johnson who runs a natural Pose. It takes months, even years of training to perfect this skill, YES, I said Skill. Running is a skill and a technique, which you must practice with repetition. This is a perfect example of Pose Running from an elite athlete.

The workouts today were crazy and everyone put in a great effort as they attacked “Angie” and made her submit to their pummeling of her. The RX workout was crazy, so the guys did a 3/4 Angie and 1/2 Angie, which catered to all the guys need. They all got a great workout and were beaten up after the fact. As I remind everyday, that scaling is not a bad word, but a way to meet the persons physical abilities at that time, but still get a killer workout in the meantime. All these guys started off with barely getting one pull-up and are now busting out pull-ups left and right. I am truly impressed with their progression and just goes to show everyone that CrossFit is the type of training that really works.
Bob performed the dreaded “Tabata This” at 6 rounds and knocked the crap out of it with flying colors. Coming off a few days of rest, after a meeting with “Tabata Squats”, Bob showed some real grit and determination to finish this workout. He was very impressive with all the movements and is showing some real progression. After just three days of training, he has the best looking Push Jerk and some great flexibility with the first 8 fundamental movements. At Vagabond CrossFit, we are all about training the fundamentals and repeating the movements with hundreds of repetitions to boot. Repetition will lead to success and will only better prepare these folk for workouts and future movements that they will be introduced to in the future. Great Job today Guys and Keep Training Hard!!
CrossFit HQ WOD- “Angie” as Rx:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
“3/4 Angie” For Time:
75 Pull-ups
75 Push-ups
75 Sit-ups
75 Squats
Chris- 12:57
Ross- 15:34
“1/2 Angie”
50 Pull-ups
50 Push-ups
50 Sit-ups
50 Squats
Ham- 10:37
Kevin- 11:38
“Tabata This” 20:10 x 6 of:
Bob- Total Repetitions- 195