Vagabond CrossFit WOD- 4/16/09

The Correct Form of Pose Running

A solid day for the boys and a wicked workout with “Helen” today as the guys were crushed by her grip. Kevin and Ross braved the storm, while the other guys had the day off. Ross and Kevin really did a great job today and put up some impressive times. Today, they attacked the workout with great intensity and got their first taste at the dreaded dumbbell swings at 40 lbs. As you can tell I modified the workout a little bit to cater to their needs, but by no means was it any easier. Their workout was broken down into seven rounds, but got the same amount of repetitions in as the prescribed workout for Helen. I felt that if they attacked this workout at this regiment, they would be getting a better workout and be able to stick it out. However, do not be fooled by the lesser runs and lesser dumbbell swings and pull-ups, they still performed at a high level, but were smoked at the end. As I said before SCALING is not a bad word, but a great way to hit the athlete’s ability at that time and still be able to get a killer workout. Ross and Kevin showed some great determination and felt the pain after this tough workout.
I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon for NJ to attend the Running and Endurance Cert with Brian McKenzie, which will be filled with a great variety of information and will be coming back with some great knowledge of properly training people how to run and to stay away from some serious injuries. This Cert is very important to me and also to Vagabond CrossFit because it will give me more knowledge of how to prepare running routines and how to cater to other people’s needs in their running ability.
CrossFit Endurance WOD for Saturday, April 18th-
The boys will take on an all out effort in a Time Trial Event in the aspect of Rowing. The workout will consist of:
Row-2 x 2000m
They will do a 2000m Row and then will rest for a period of how long it took them to complete that first row. They will start up again for their second row and will hopefully stay within a deviation of 5 to 10 seconds. This meaning whatever they get on their first row, they must stay within 10 seconds of that first row. This will keep them mentally discipline and also create them to physically stay within that first row. It is a great endurance workout and will test their abilities to stay within their first time trial. I wish them the best and hopefully they kill this workout.
Vagabond CrossFit WOD-
RX Workout-“Helen” 3 Rounds of:
400 m Run
21 x DB Swings at 55 lbs
12x Pull-ups
Ross and Kevin WOD-
7 rounds of:
200 m Run
9 DB Swings
7 Pull-ups
Ross- 12:23
Kevin 15:30