Vagabond CrossFit WOD- 4/15/09

Solid day by the way of the guys today and hit some more milestones within their CrossFit training. Since, they have been hitting it real hard the last couple of days, we went the total opposite and concentrated on the basics for movements. Few of the guys concentrated on their basic pull-ups, sit-ups, air squats, push-ups, and a little throw in of one of the fundamental movements to boot. The other guys learned the last fundamental that dealt with the the dreaded medicine ball clean. They all performed great and showed some real desire to finish their workouts. I tell them everyday, that these fundamentals will lead to other lifts and will only improve their strength and technique. We must understand the fundamentals, before we move onto other movements. Re
petition of the mind will only better them in the long run and they will see the results without a doubt. Not only are the fundamentals important to learn in the beginning, but they will always be implemented within the warm-up everyday. As I say, I follow the Skills and Drills Warm-up everyday to better me with my movements and technique for other lifts. If you master the 9 fundamental movements, you will be more prepared for what will be coming next. All these movements, are great sources for other types of lift and they are the cornerstone of CrossFit. Within Vagabond CrossFit, repetition of the body and mind will only prepare you for the future workouts!! Period!!
Outside News: I will be in hiatus this weekend, as I will be heading down to New Jersey to attend the Running and Endurance Certification through CrossFit Endurance. I am an avid CrossFit Endurance follower and have seen vast improvements over the last 7 months by following this regime. I am truly excited to meet Brian Mckenzie and engulf my mind with better technique and how to be able to be a better runner overall. If you check on the web page to the right, you will see the link to CrossFit Endurance and also various links to the correct way to run, which is the POSE METHOD. This will not only make you a better runner, but it will make you faster, stronger, and less injury prone. It basically increases your efficiency to run faster, stronger, and better, as well as, saving you from the heartache of dealing with those nonsense injuries, such as back problems, shin splints, knee injuries, and various other sorts of injuries due to improper running technique. I am ecstatic for this weekend and cannot wait to enrich my mind with some great information. However, I will miss the “Room of Hell”, but we will be back at it on Monday, to tear the roof down.
Check out the CrossFit Endurance Page, to get a better look at what I am talking about and what this new regiment is all about.
Here are the WOD’S for today:
“Basics, Basics, Basics”
3-6-9-12-15-18 for Time of:
Air Squats
Push Press( 45-75 lbs, You choose)
Chris- 15:20
Kevin- 15:53
Josh- 21:39
These guys have never gone through the upwards ladder, and really got to know how painful it is to end at a higher repetition than you started. Great Job guys!!
Medicine Ball Clean WOD-
AMRAP- 8 mins of:
7 Medicine Ball Cleans
7 Push-ups
Ross- 12 rounds
Ham- 9 rounds
These guys also got a little taste of the last fundamentals movement in CrossFit. After, the workout they both said they hated the medicine ball and really underestimated that small 20 lb ball of leather.However, they got through the workout and had some great form to go along with the workout.