Vagabond CrossFit WOD’s- 4/13/09

Vagabond CrossFit officially hit the streets and will be destroying anything in its path in the coming months. These guys killed the workouts today and showed some great intensity as they performed them. It was a Rest Day today on the HQ page, so I came up with some extra flavor for the guys. They all performed well and really hit some benchmarks within the Fundamental Domain of CrossFit. Each guy was trained with a focus on their ability and also a focus on the 9 Fundamental Movements. Also, did some work today wirh my kids at school with the basic movements. I have pictures, but cannot show them on the internet, due to privacy issues and what not. I am 24 hours CrossFit and always want to show anyone, no matter their age, the true love I have for this regiment. The kids showed some great work and actually had some fun performing the movements. I do this sometimes to get their mind off their work and to give them a break from the classwork. It actually helps them focus in the long run, because it settles their mind and gives them a break from mental learning. It calms them down and makes them appreciate the flexibility and athleticism that they have. One goal of mine is to start an inner city CrossFit within Boston and receive my cert in CrossFit for Kids. I love what Steve has down in NJ by helping out the inner city youths and I look to him as a role model that I would love to follow. However, that is in the future and now Vagabond CrossFit is starting to take a turn for the good.

Vagabond CrossFit WOD’S
“Tabata Mentals”- Courtesy of CrossFit New Hampshire-
Perform 8 fundamentals movements with 65 lbs for 20 reps. They will be shooting for the lowest possible rounds. They will perform every movement for 20 seconds and if they do not meet the required 20 reps within that 20 second period, they rest for 10 seconds, and will be charged a round:
Chris- 42 Rounds Total
Josh- N.A- Josh got through the workout, but had to scale it down to 10 reps for each movement because of his absence over the last week due to nursing school. As a teacher, school does come first and Josh is near graduation date… So Congrats!!
“Time Mentals”
Will perform each movement for 1 minute and every third movement, will take a 30 second rest-
Total Number of Reps- 190
Run 400 m for Time- 1:49
Max # of Pull-ups
Max # of Squats
Rest :30
Max # of SP
Max # of SDHP
Rest :30
Max # of PP
Max # of MBC
Rest : 30
Max # of Front Squats
Max # of Push-ups
Rest :30
Max # of Overhead Squats
Row 500 m For time: 2:19
“Oh Fundamentals” WOD
21-15-9 for Time: 13:59
Push Press
Air Squats
Front Squat
250 m Run