Vagabond CrossFit WOD- 4/11/09

Today was a great day and finally we are in the new garage gym and everything came out pretty good. We have all the equipment inside and the pull-up bar is all set in. We are in the process of decorating the garage with some gnarly colors and will probably be done by Monday with all the painting and finished logo for Vagabond CrossFit. Today, was a milestone for some of the guys as the attacked their first Crossfit HQ workout of the day and to no surprise they put up some impressive scores. Today was a great indicator of how the guys endurance and stamina would hold up to a brutal workout that was posted for today. The busted through their workout and used the concept 2 rower for the first time. First, however, we had a small class on how to properly use the rower and how technique plays a vital role in being effective on this machine. They surprised me with great form and poise during their workouts and showed some great movements and technique while busting out their workout. They realized that CrossFit does stand by their word, and Constant Variation is implemented into this system. The day before they did workouts around the fundamentals and today the strictly concentrated on endurance and stamina. They are really understanding the premise of CrossFit and how it varies each day and every day. I am so pleased to see where this garage gym is going and happy to see new people coming in every week. The skies are the limit and Vagabond CrossFit will prevail in this battle.

CrossFit HQ WOD-
3 Rounds for Time of:
500 m Row
21 Burpees
400 m Run
Chris as RX: 17:00
CrossFit Vagabond Measuring to Needs WOD-
250 m
21 Burpees
250 m Run
Kevin- 11:45
Ham- 11:25
Ross- 10:40
Scaled Performances- Do not let SCALED fool you and think that these guys did an easier workout, they still got a great workout and it attended to their athletic ability at this time. They were still smoked at the end, but performed the workout at a high pace and with great intensity. Scaled does not mean it is an easier workout or less efficient. It means you are catering to the clients needs were they will still get a killer workout at the same time.
Here is a journal down on the importance of endurance and stamina workouts, which I believe is very important to an athlete’s physical ability and overall greater well being in this fitness world.